Did You Know? Sloths are great swimmers!

can sloths swim Sloth Swimming Video
Source: BBC Earth Video on Youtube

Sure, you think sloths are cute, but did you know that we can swim? Especially when we’re motivated, like this sloth who is swimming to find a mate.

Unfortunately, he finds when he gets there that she has a ( quite adorable) baby. Sadly, he just wants a mate and isn’t looking to be a baby daddy.

But BBC got some incredible footage for BBC Earth II of one of my brethren swimming that shows we can really move when we want. Additionally, we sloths can slow our heart rate and hold our breath for up to 40 minutes underwater. Take that, Tom Sietas!

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Zip T. Sloth

I am but a small sloth in a big world, but I wish to share the Universe of Slothery with you in its many forms, from serious issues such as why Sloth should be crossed off the list of deadly sins, to Sloths in the media, to the science of napping, to awesome Sloth products. Explore the Slothverse with me!

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