Perfect Decor for Your Own, Private, Slothverse

Andy Westface sloth mural on society6

I was recently looking at street art sloth murals, but I happened upon this wall mural from Society6. It’s eerily like the graphic my friend and website mentor, Cheryl, had been thinking about creating at some point for this blog.

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This happy sloth sits firmly where a sloth belongs — at the center of the universe. And on your wall! It’s an easy-to-install eight-foot wall mural and, perhaps, Cheryl will buy it. She’s undergoing a redo of her flooring and fixing up a combo guest room/art room/craft room/office. It was going to be a bit mid-century-modern but, perhaps, it has sloths in its future, instead.

The design also features on everything from throw pillows and floor pillows to face masks.

Andy Westface, the creator of this galactic sloth also has other cute sloth (and other animals) designs.

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