Robot vs. Sloth

Robot vs. Sloth Seattle

Cheryl would put her money on the Robot. But she shouldn’t be so sure. We sloths have serious claws and could be dangerous if *yawn* we could just get up the motivation. Robot vs Sloth is a Seattle shop that has the subtitle “cute animals fighting each other.”

We stumbled across this shop which sits just up the hill from Seattle’s Pike Place Market and were drawn in by the adorable illustrations of my slothy brethren, particularly the ones with sloth and friends visiting favorite Seattle spots.

The illustrations are the creations of Seattle artist La Ru who shares our affinity for drawing species Folivora (though she’s way better at it!)

Unfortunately, my friend Cheryl lost her photos of the shop, so you’ll need to visit the shop or their website for a closer look. If you’re looking for sloth coloring pages, you’ll find some free ones available there as well.

Their website (and shop) features some other local artists offering sloth stuff as well.

Maybe the robot and the sloth can just be friends.

Robot vs. Sloth is located at:

1535 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Note that we have no affiliation with this shop…we just like it!

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