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Did you know that October is Sloth Month? Maybe not, but I’ll bet you did know that in October, some humans celebrate Halloween. Sloths usually don’t, but we’ve decided to celebrate by drawing a cute sloth Halloween coloring page.

These three sloths have decided to go trick-or-treating. But it looks like they got lost in a cornfield and have met up with a friendly sloth scarecrow and a bat-sloth-thing (as well as a snail.)

You can click the button below to download, and then print, the page. The file is in PDF format, so you’ll need a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Happy Halloween and Happy Slothoween!

Share Your Sloth Halloween Coloring Page!

Did you color my page and would you like to share it? Eventually, I’ll be adding a gallery or image upload section but, until then, you can scan and email them to [email protected]. I’ll be posting the ones that I receive to a gallery on this post.

Or do you want to write a story about these sloths? Feel free to share and add your story to the comments. I’m a sloth and have no prizes to give right now, but would love to hear what you come up with (as long as it’s appropriate!)


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