We Sloths are Responsible for Your Avocado Toast! (and other fun sloth facts)

Sloth and avocado

My ancestors were giants. Slow giants, but still giants.

And we sloths (or at least our large ancestors) may be largely responsible for the avocados’ survival. So think on that, millennials, as you eat your avocado toast. Appreciate the sloth!

At least those are some of the facts I took away from this animated video from TEDed.

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Zip T. Sloth

I am but a small sloth in a big world, but I wish to share the Universe of Slothery with you in its many forms, from serious issues such as why Sloth should be crossed off the list of deadly sins, to Sloths in the media, to the science of napping, to awesome Sloth products. Explore the Slothverse with me!

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