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Welcome to the Slothverse, a universe of Sloth-related facts, book reviews, merchandise, gossip, and rants and raves for the sloth-loving human as well as, perhaps, info on how to be more like a sloth. That is, laid back and chill.

This post is an introduction to my chock-full-o-sloth website as well as a component of a WordPress tutorial on Love. Coffee. WordPress. — a website that’s following me as I create my dream blog. As such, I’m trying to use (almost) EVERY SINGLE CORE BLOCK available in the WordPress block editor in this post. So if you think the format is odd…you thought right!

This post or page may have affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and it’s an affiliate link I may make a small commission that helps to run this website and also buy me tasty leaves and, sometimes, coffee.

So I’ve organized this post into pages. On page one is a little bit about me and about this blog, page two has awesome sloth vids, page three has amazing sloth facts, page four has some stuff about being more sloth, page five has some jungle sounds for those times you miss the trees (sob), page six has some sloth merchandise and crafts, page seven has sloth photos, and page eight just has some extra stuff like recent comments and posts a couple of WordPress videos.

Picture of a baby sloth with a leaf in front of his face.

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Zip, and I’m a three-toed sloth. People think sloths are cute but lazy and I’m attempting to prove them wrong by writing a blog. But, oh…my need for naps. It’s hard getting a blog done when you sleep 20 hours a day!

What will my blog include? I realize that, unlike me, most members of my species are not interested in reading. So my blog will cater to the sloth-loving human, of which there seem to be many these days. Some things this website might include are:

  • Reviews of Sloth-centric books.
  • Tips for finding your inner sloth.
  • Sloth facts.
  • Arguments for why sloth should be removed from the list of deadly sins.
  • Awesome sloth merchandise.
  • Gossip about sloths in the media.
  • Sloth quotes. In fact, even Ray Bradbury quoted about my species (though I do not agree with the part about knocking the sloth on his ass. Don’t do that!):

Stuff your eyes with wonder,” he said, “live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Ask no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal. And if there were, it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day every day, sleeping its life away. To hell with that,” he said, “shake the tree and knock the great sloth down on his ass.

Ray Bradbury

  • Who knows…maybe some sloth sound effects for when I’m stuck in the city and missing the rainforest.
Ahhh…soothing rainforest sounds.
  • Or maybe I can collect and share some Sloth-related videos like this:
Here’s one of my brethren having a tasty snack!
  • Or maybe share some sloth fact sheets like this:
  • Or maybe I’ll even post some sloth-related poems. Here’s one that I wrote and a quote from a sloth poem by Theodore Roethke.

In moving—slow he has no Peer.

You ask him something in his Ear,

He thinks about it for a Year;

Theodore Roethke
My species is a deadly sin.
Haste should be instead.
Humans often run around.
A chicken sans a head.
I'd rather just take a nap
Than plan the day ahead.
Devising plans,
Revising goals,
Striving for grand dreams.
I'd rather hang out on a limb
My favorite arboreal bed.
Am I lazy?
Wasting life?
Without some planning scheme?
Or are you missing out on yours
With your programs and routines?
Sloths don't dwell
On who they are
Or worry how they seem.
Humans, of course, 
Can't live like sloths
But maybe they can learn
To be inspired by my kind
Maybe to discern
That some things that don't
Advance your goals
Or plans
Or pocketbook,
Might advance
Your happiness
And bring a closer look
At tiny things
You might have missed
In your rushed activity.
A dew-marked spiderweb,
A smile,
An eagle in the tree.
So keep your plans,
your goals, 
your dreams
--you're human, that's a fact --
But stop, sometimes, 
to sit and look
-- sometimes take a nap.
And stop calling sloth 
a deadly sin!
Or find another word.
If you need another target,
I know this little bird
That moves and eats
All day long.
But even hummingbirds take naps --
Shhh -- don't tell anyone!

-by Zip the Sloth

This blog will likely be slow-going at first. Right now, I’m in the design process, and (did I mention?) it’s difficult to put a blog together quickly when I sleep 20 hours a day. I understand that my human can slap together a basic blog in a day or two of intense work but it’s taking her a loooong time to help me with this one as it’s my website and requires my participation (as well as a fact that she’s writing a post about each step I take as I write this blog .) 

If you’d like to read more about the writing of this post (and take a tour of the Gutenberg WordPress editor) you can click the button below.

And I don’t have any social links yet but, for now, you can follow my progress on this blog on LCWP’s channels:

If you’d like to link to my website, you can copy the code below for my banner!

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Zip T. Sloth

I am but a small sloth in a big world, but I wish to share the Universe of Slothery with you in its many forms, from serious issues such as why Sloth should be crossed off the list of deadly sins, to Sloths in the media, to the science of napping, to awesome Sloth products. Explore the Slothverse with me!

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